We were expecting to close this blog on 6th May 2010, along with the election, but, since the election hasn't ended yet, neither will the blog. May as well add a few points!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is the text of an email from Ros Kayes, the South Dorset Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

So now I'm back at my PC I've actually managed to bring your blog up - good way to comment on what's going on without all of the sniping that's going on at the moment. I agree with the reducing official letters by 3/4 to reduce paper & the benefits being immediately reinstated when jobs are lost etc. Then obviously there's Trident, &  self advertising Local Govt publications ARE a waste of money - Dorset County Council have about 12 media people employed to tell us just how great they are. If they have to make redundancies who should go first - these people or social workers? 

I will take on board your feedback that I should tweet on more local issues - am involved in lots locally from supporting the campaign to  save the James Day Care Home in Swanage to protesting against the Palm Oil plant on Portland; supporting the brilliant education Swanage & their attempt to challenge the Purbeck review & set up their own secondary school - community activism at its best - & setting up a fundraising body to raise money to support the Women's Refuge in Weymouth when we get it restarted, as well as planning funding & resources to set up a Freedom Programme for victims of domestic violence, as well as all sorts of casework throughout the constituency from solving people's housing problems to supporting their legal representation in court. I think  MPs should be like terriers - refusing to let go of an issue that is being ignored for their area & always fighting against unfairness & bad government. 

Fighting a general election is totally absorbing & really exciting - I would recommend it to anyone -  especially when your party is getting the kind of really positive support that we are at the moment. People contact me & say things like 'I've dreamed about this happening for years - but never thought it could'. I'd like to say to them 'It is - let's make a big push to reform everything that's wrong about our political system & give ordinary people a chance to have an impact on their own lives.' We want ALL parties & ALL persuasions to have a democratic voice in the way this country is run - not just two oligarchical institutions funded by the people whose interests they serve !  Reform, reform , reform.

Oh yes - & our policies can be found at www.libdems.org.uk



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