We were expecting to close this blog on 6th May 2010, along with the election, but, since the election hasn't ended yet, neither will the blog. May as well add a few points!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Citizens should have more direct democratic control over EU policies, laws and regulations.

(To ask for this is neither anti-EU nor right wing.)


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Hi Lucy,
I've recovered from too many late night. Now where were we?
Oh yes, the subject no one wants to talk about - because they would lose. Big spoilsports. "My god, don't mention the eu, we might lose".
Unless this country can free itself from the clutches of the undemocratic EUSSR (by any means - not necessarily UKIP - wake up ‘cast iron‘ Dave) we’re heading full speed towards - Adopting the Euro, direct European taxation, a European armed forces and police, European powers of arrest, exchange controls, wealth taxation, protectionism and eventually, isolationism to try to preserve the EU’s wholly unworkable socio-economic model.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello 'Uncle Bernard'.

I thought you might have something to say on this!

But, beyond what you do say . . .

. . . I know you are a member of UKIP and would, presumably, like us to withdraw completely from the EU . . . but, if that turns out not to be possible . . . or while you wait for that . . . would you agree that more direct democratic control would be a good idea?

Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Actually Lucy, I'm not a member of any political party. I don't usually get involved in political discussions or arguments if I can avoid them.
BUT, I lost relations during WW2: my grandfather fought in WW1: my father was in the RAF in WW2 and they were all fighting (and dying) for freedom.
Freedom and democracy. Yes I agree, more democracy in europe would be a good idea...it certainly lacks it at the moment. We cannot vote out the eu commissioners if we do not approve of them or their policies! They are DICTATORS. They call the tune, we pay the piper. Millions of pounds a day, whilst us old pensioners shiver and have to decide whether to eat or heat.
I want to live in a Britain, where the British decide what is best for them. We only control 25% of our laws/legislation. This 'circus' election is about who manages the remaining 25% that the eu allow us to manage. That is why all their policies are so similar. You can't get a fag-paper between them.
We have negligible control over our own country. Our farmers can't grow what they want to, our fishermen can't catch what we need (cod).
I love my cod 'n chips, don't you?
It has gone too far, too much, and now I fear too late.
We must free ourselves from this excessive undemocratic control for the sake of those who fought and died for our 'Freedom'.
"Only dead fish swim with the stream".

There! .....I feel better now.
Well you did ask.... and I have a feeling that you may have popped up that item just for me?
All the best....whatever your political leanings are.
I have to vote because of my conscience.
Regards Bernard. xx

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello again 'Uncle Bernard'.

No, I didn't put this in specially! I made a list of points before I started and am working through it. That's not to say I won't add to it but this one was there from the very beginning - it's important!