We were expecting to close this blog on 6th May 2010, along with the election, but, since the election hasn't ended yet, neither will the blog. May as well add a few points!
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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Street lights should come on ten minutes later.

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Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

Hi Lucy,
"Too many questions, too little time"
A very good try to address the issues of the day, but too many options and all, well most of us, have very little time to consider them in detail.
Now, street lights are not usually turned on at a fixed time. The one sitting outside of my house has a sensor on top to detect when it gets dark. When it gets dark, I need the light on - not ten minutes later. (I know you are trying to save even more energy but this system is OK for now).
My view, as I expect you already know, is to leave the eu dictatorship and do all these sensible things you suggest.
We cannot change ANYTHING whilst brussels calls the tune. Turn the lights off early? No, no!! Think of the eu health & safety regulations.
All our problems today can be traced back to eu 'interference',
directives, and control.
We must get back our freedom.
Cheers, regards & best wishes